State of the Organization Visit

September 18, 2014

Document Distributed at the Meeting: "Presentation to Residents: State of the Organization: Front Porch: Financial Summary: Year Ended March 31, 2014"

There are four parts to the presentation.  Scroll Down to find all of them. To view the video full screen, click on the Square at the lower right of the YouTube video... at the bottom of the video frame.

(Note:  The sound quality reflects the audio system
in the room and can't be improved.)
Financial Review
Future Strategies: Mary Miller, CFO  
A Look Into the Future: Roberta Jacobsen, President  
Resident Questions and Answers  
Opportunity for Indidividual Residents to Meet the Visiting Executives

California Statute: 1771.8(c) "The governing body of a provider, or the designated representative of the provider, shall hold, at a minimum, semiannual meetings with the residents of the continuing care retirement community, or the resident association or its governing body, for the purpose of the free discussion of subjects including, but not limited to, income, expenditures, and financial trends and issues as they apply to the continuing care retirement community and proposed changes in policies, programs, and services."